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Published:March 12th, 2015 12:13 EST

Robert Paul Reyes Mentioned in 20th Book

By Robert Paul Reyes

 I`ve been mentioned, referenced or quoted in a book 20 times -- a landmark of sorts for a humble blogger from a small city in Virginia.


This is a complete list of the books that mention me; it includes a dozen college professors, not bad for a writer who specializes in odd news and celebrity gossip:

Life is basically absurd, and it makes perfect sense that a writer who trolls the ridiculous side of the Web for fodder for his articles has had a significant impact on culture. You can make a statement about the human condition writing about absurd people in absurd situations.

This is vindication that my essays about UFO`s, celebrities, dumb criminals, zombies, and other assorted tomfoolery make a difference.

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