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Published:March 13th, 2015 10:50 EST

Church Hosting Naked Spring Break Parties Loses Tax-exempt Status

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A local church that has been hosting naked paint parties and slumber-party Sundays with the sexiest ladies on the beach will now have to pay taxes on the property as officers investigate the church`s practices, authorities said Tuesday.


The Life Center: A Spiritual Community, 9721 Thomas Drive, has been up and running its seven-days-a-week party schedule as Amesia: The Tabernacle since Feb. 28. But The Tabernacle, which caters to college students on vacation, has caught the attention of more than just party-seeking spring breakers.

Since ATMs and a banner promoting iDrink appeared out front of The Life Center, the Bay County Sheriff`s Office and Panama City Beach Police Department investigators have began taking a closer look at the church."

Panama City News Herald

You can`t have your cake and eat it too ...

You can`t operate a strip club, call it a place of worship, and claim a tax-exempt status as a religious entity.  Actually I don`t quite understand why legitimate churches are granted a tax-exempt status; a religion should expect God and not the federal government to subsidize its ministry.

I would respect a religious organization that voluntary paid taxes, and didn`t accept any kind of assistance from the government.

The Tabernacle attracted a lot of attention from college kids as well as scrutiny from the authorities who decided that it resembled a strip club more than a traditional church and revoked its tax-exempt status.

But why should the government be put in a position of deciding what constitutes a legitimate religious expression? Some folks believe that there is a thin line of separation between the spiritual and the sexual, and if they think hosting naked slumber parties is a spiritual exercise, the government shouldn`t tell them that they are wrong.

I commend the Tabernacle for placing an ATM in front of their building, unlike legitimate churches they don`t hide the fact that it`s all about the money.

I believe religious ministries should be stripped of their tax-exempt status, and then they would truly be free to worship God how they please.

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