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Published:March 13th, 2015 14:54 EST
In Samantha Dean`s Murder Case, What`s Behind VonTrey Clark 'Driving Erratically?'

In Samantha Dean`s Murder Case, What`s Behind VonTrey Clark 'Driving Erratically?'

By John G. Kays

Chief Art Acevedo is using a minor allegation to wash his hands of a problem he created by placing Officer Clark on leave without any evidence of wrongdoing. Bristol Myers VonTrey Clark`s Attorney - Noticed on KXAN

I`ll need to begin by coming clean with an obvious disclosure; I have to slightly go outside the lines of legitimate journalism (well, that happens frequently, if you really want to know) by expressing my strong feeling, that the Samantha Dean Murder Case is one of the most interesting ones to ever *(make its entrance) upon Austin!

If the reader of this local piece of news didn`t know any better, they might think they were reading crime fiction! Of course, that is wrong, this is a very real news story, but is nonetheless riveting the Austin community, almost as if they were watching a mini-series on Netflix (maybe it`s just me, don`t know). 

The latest news is, since APD had been watching VonTrey Clark very carefully (which includes putting him on leave), shortly after Samantha Dean was found dead (February 4th), even assigning a tail on him. In that regard, we`re hearing APD officers noticed some erratic driving on Officer Clark`s part, not too terribly long after Dean`s murder (not yet given a specific date or time of this unusual behavior?). 

The audience could use a little more definition on this Fuzzy Incident, as far as where it happened, the nature of the uncharacteristic driving on the part of this Austin Police Officer, as well as what their theory might be for why he exhibited such behavior. Naturally, that`s too much to ask for, so I`ll avoid doing so all together! 

Nevertheless, my imagination tends to go a bit wild, picturing possible reasons for this! Okay, I see a scene from the old Columbo series, where the perpetrator`d be returning to the crime scene to fix-up something he overlooked, or which Columbo brought to his attention, with a scheme in mind to set him up for A Big Fall! Like I said previously, this is a most interesting case, so I hope you don`t mind my fanciful simulations (no, I don`t mean our police chief is like Peter Faulk).

Why do I keep staring at those images of the dumpster behind a strip mall in Bastrop (Shoppes at Colony Village), where Samantha Dean`s body was found sprawling dead by her car (at 2 AM, by a police officer), with a door ajar? I think you know why; the murderer probably shot her at a different location, then chose to drive her there, and set up the scene here. 

It helps me to get into her killer`s mindset, when I stare (almost meditate) on this bleak slab of concrete, with the requisite yellow crime tape draped about, (and you can add in a Bastrop County Sheriff`s vehicle, while you`re there). Why was this particular spot chosen to set things up? Why was the body left out of the car? Why was the door left opened? 

Further, why had the backseat been removed? Had the killer shopped at this Cedar Creek shopping center before? Had Ms. Dean ever shopped here? Okay, I`ll up the ante: had the two ever shopped here together? Did anyone ever see the two together (not that anyone would sense one of them would end up being a murderer)

So I stare on and on, waiting for another foot to drop? How about Dean`s house? Has it been tested with luminal yet? Can`t arrest Clark for erratic driving! What else do they have? Not so convinced Clark`s our man; maybe he`s getting used as a decoy to catch in a cruel, but necessary law enforcement fox-trap, our real culprit! Told you so; when we finally find out the truth, I betcha we`re in for a big surprise. Cop kills Cop, but why (this is too easy, so it`s probably wrong!)?