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Published:March 15th, 2015 11:01 EST

Televangelist Creflo Dollar Asks Congregation To Buy Him Private Jet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"With a name like Creflo Dollar, being shamelessly garish is almost mandatory. If you`re also a multimillionaire televangelist, then it`s a no-questions-asked imperative.


Such is the case for down-on-his-luck Atlanta-based pastor, Mr. Creflo Dollar, whose World Changers Church International -- also Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association (formerly International Covenant Ministries), Creflo Dollar Ministries and Arrow Records -- is in dire need of a $65 million private jet.

That`s why the prosperity preacher posted a video to one of his websites on Friday, pleading for 200,000 people committed to sow $300 or more [to] help achieve our goal to purchase the G650 airplane."


Creflo Dollar is one of the prime proponents of the Prosperity Gospel, the satanic doctrine that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians, and that if you give your hard-earning money to televangelists, the Almighty will increase your material wealth. Interesting how the Lord works, televangelist charlatans like Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn ride in luxurious vehicles while their followers are lucky if they can scrounge up enough money for bus fare.

There is no shame in Dollar`s game; he released a video pleading for 2000,000 faithful servants  of the Lord (suckers) to donate $300 to help him achieve his goal of purchasing a $65 million private jet.

Dollar is so transparent that it boggles the mind how anyone can fall for his con games, but when the Lord was passing out brains most evangelicals were in another line buying religious trinkets from the devil.  

Let me talk in language that Dollar`s followers might understand:

This pimp evangelist is playing y`all for suckas! While he flies around the world in his private jet with his angelic aides (uppity ho`s), y`all are riding the bus to the free food pantry. God don`t like stupid, kick this bit** to the curb!

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