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Published:March 15th, 2015 19:26 EST

UFOlogists Claim Moon is a Giant UFO Mothership: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"UFOlogists have proposed that the moon, believed to be a natural satellite of Earth, is, in fact, a huge spaceship, a gigantic UFO, parked in orbit around the Earth by an advanced technological civilization.



The proposal that the moon is an artificial satellite of Earth, specifically an alien spaceship, a massive UFO, parked in orbit around the Earth, is   known as  the Spaceship Moon Theory, Artificial Moon Theory, or Alien Moon Theory."




When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie that`s amore. The belief that the moon is a big pizza pie, or that it`s made out of green cheese is rather fanciful, but leave it to UFOlogists to come up with an even zanier notion:


The moon is a Colossal Mothership, parked in orbit around the Earth.


The insane belief that the moon is hollow and inhabited by an extraterrestrial race should discredit UFO true believers once and for all, and we should extend to them the same respect that we extend to folks who believe the Earth is flat, which is none at all.


The moon isn`t made out of Swiss cheese, there is no Bigfoot in a Pacific Northwest forest, there is no monster in Loch Ness, and there are no UFOs of extraterrestrial origin hovering over American cities.



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