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Published:March 16th, 2015 09:33 EST

Watch 7-Week-Old Baby Talk!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Babies usually talk around one, so for one mother in Ireland, hearing her seven-week-old son spit out his first word was shocking.


`Had to share this, my 7 week old baby saying HELLO! Lol,` proud mom Toni McCann wrote on her Facebook.

According to CBS News, McCann uploaded the video after repeatedly saying hello to her son until he finally repeated it."

Fox 8 Cleveland

If your precious and precocious seven-week-old baby uttered a word, what would you do?

Dunk him in holy water and tattoo a cross on his forehead?

Sell him to a circus sideshow?

Post a video of him talking on YouTube and hope he becomes a viral sensation, so you can vicariously bask in his fame?

Wait a few weeks, and if his second word isn`t "redrum ", exploit the hell out of the tiny moneymaker.

Even if this infant grows up to be the Antichrist, he`s cute as a button.


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