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Published:March 18th, 2015 15:54 EST
What Was Bob Durst`s 'Real Motive' for Killing Oddball Transient, Morris Black (HBO?)?

What Was Bob Durst`s 'Real Motive' for Killing Oddball Transient, Morris Black (HBO?)?

By John G. Kays

I finally got around to recording all 6 parts of The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst; so I channeled my focus on Part 1 - A Body In the Bay this morning, which primarily deals with the murder of Morris Black in Galveston (the date of his murder is, I think, around September 26th, 2001 or a little after this date). 

While the first installment was surely quality viewing, one shortage I noticed, was, not enough biographical information was provided on the oddball of a victim, Morris Black; not that there is that much known, but the HBO producers (Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling) give us almost nothing, other than a snapshot of his driver`s license from South Carolina. 

Another problem (for me, at least), is they failed to address Robert Durst`s real motive for killing this semi-hobo-drifter of sorts. Obviously, it wasn`t self-defense, such as was the reason given at Durst`s trial (however, it was convincing to the jurors and they acquitted him). 

Yet you and I know Bob must have had a good reason for eliminating and ultimately silencing Black, permanently. What about the possibility that Bob confessed to some of his other murders to this street person (don`t know if this is correct, but that`s how he`s been portrayed)? A Bum That Knew Too Much would be perfect, as far as motive goes for an even Bigger Weirdo (richer too)!

Disappointed as I was in the lack of depth (on the part of HBO), associated with delineating who Morris Black was (identity), as well as delineating a proper motive for getting rid of this seemingly innocuous transient (was Morris blackmailing Durst?), it pleased me a great deal to find an older article on the internet, Durst Case Scenarios, published by Texas Monthly in February of 2002, by legendary true crime writer, Gary Cartwright. 

Now I feel like I know more about the identity of Morris Black, although it`s still not enough. When did Bob first meet Morris? Is there any evidence they knew one another before Durst ended up in Galveston? And why would Bob even move to Galveston in the first place, if there wasn`t somebody he was interested in connecting up with? 

Was this party of interest, for this eccentric multi-millionaire, one Morris Black? How did Black get his hands on $137,000; and why did he have it in a South Dakota bank, spread out over 9 different accounts (Tex Monthly, page 4)? Why would Durst give him such a large amount of money? Does this imply blackmail? 

Finally, why did Morris Black despairingly say to Ted Hanley (Director of Jesse Tree), in August of 2001, I have terrible, terrible problems (Tex Monthly, page 3? Did Black know a little more than a month before his death, Bob Durst had every reason to kill him? This major chapter is completely missing from The Jinx; this is a problem!