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Published:March 19th, 2015 10:20 EST
Interpretations of Part 2 of HBO`s The Jinx, Poor Little Rich Boy, Fluctuate as Fresh News Pours In!

Interpretations of Part 2 of HBO`s The Jinx, Poor Little Rich Boy, Fluctuate as Fresh News Pours In!

By John G. Kays

Over the past two days, I`ve viewed Part 2 of The Jinx, titled Poor Little Rich Boy, four times, as fresh news has been pouring in regarding Robert Durst, noticing that his arrest in New Orleans is merely the tip of the iceberg *(other stories catching my eye, is, he`s a suspect in the disappearance of several other women). With this fresh news as a backdrop, as you might well imagine, my take on Part 2 has a changeling chameleon-like quality, causing the evidence to fluctuate in chemical makeup *(surely an appearance vs reality thing)

This is, I suspect, Einstein`s Theory of Relativity as applied to a True Crime context! Bob has the ability (don`t know if I should go so far as to use the word talent) to do that to us! Part 2 focuses on Bob`s childhood, his mother`s violent death, which seems to inform every occurrence in his crazy life afterwards, and then, most importantly, dives into his marriage to Kathie Durst, then breaks down in a fair amount of detail her disappearance, on January 31st, 1982. My conclusion: it`s still just a missing person`s case, nothing more!

Did Bob kill her in their apartment? How`d he do it? Why did he do it? Did that shoving match suddenly go south in a blink? How did he get rid of her body? Why wasn`t evidence left behind? Or is it rather, New York investigators did not think to look for it, since they were investigating a missing person`s case? How could he take her out without getting noticed? Did he do it ever so gradually, in sections, I mean? Is this the time when he acquired this disturbing skill? This is the voice of our ID speaking to us; we know Bob killed his wife Kathie, but how so? Is there a secret staircase he might have used (cameras not so common then)?

Did he do it skillfully, allowing him to get away clean with a near Perfect Crime? Just askin`...We don`t want to think these thoughts, but as we watch Part 2, they`re going to grip our subconscious, and as we remember the earlier part of this episode, where Bernice jumped off a tall Durst Building, a horrible Freudian Aura is going to linger in our mouths, leaving a foul after-taste! No gettin` around it. Then newer atrocities begin to mix with the older ones, thus bringing about the earlier referenced metamorphosis; yea, Bob is a monster of monumental proportions! Although a very skilled criminal, my take-away!