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Published:March 21st, 2015 11:18 EST

World Gone Mad: Children Trudge Through Snow to Hear Pharrell Williams Lecture on Global Warming!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"About 1,200 middle school children trudged through the latest snow storm to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday evening to hear hip hop singer and producer Pharrell Williams talk about climate change.


The U.N. sponsored the event, along the U.N. Foundation and MixRadio, to celebrate International Day of Happiness, established by the world organization in 2012. It transformed a normally conflict-focused, staid venue into a dramatically happy environment with a clear message: The next generation needs to pay attention to climate change."

CBS News

I have tremendous respect for Pharrell Williams as a record producer, singer, songwriter and fashionista, but he`s not a meteorologist or a climate scientist.

Williams is certainly qualified to serve as host of an event celebrating "International Day of Happiness", but he shouldn`t be pontificating on climate change.

Williams is just another liberal entertainer who`s drunk on Al Gore`s Kool-Aid, global warming is just so much hot air.

Young children trudging through the latest snow storm to  hear a pop singer babble about global warming is a perfect metaphor for global warming hysteria.

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