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Published:March 25th, 2015 11:57 EST

Uncle Dressed in Princess Gown to Take Niece, 4, to 'Cinderella'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 25-year-old man obviously adores his four-year-old niece; so much so that when she was nervous about wearing her special princess dress to the movie `Cinderella`, her very own Uncle Jesse put on a gown, too.


She said you could be a princess too, Jesse Nagy told ABC News.

So, it was decided: They would both be princesses. Four-year-old Izzy, however, got to wear the crown."


A theater employee was so impressed with the pair, or maybe he just thought Nagy was the biggest freak in the world, that he decided to snap a pic and post it on Reddit. You know the rest of the story: The photo went viral!

When my niece, Kristen, was a little girl I would often take her to the movies. If she had told me I want to see "Cinderella" and I want to dress up like a princess, but I`m embarrassed I might be the only one to dress up, my first thought wouldn`t be "let me alleviate her embarrassment by donning a princess dress."

Let`s get real what little girl wouldn`t be creeped out by going to see Cinderella with her uncle dressed in drag. Nagby is being hailed as the greatest uncle in the world, but methinks he`s the most clueless bastard in the world.

Nagby is an aspiring actor and he`s thrilled with all the attention from his publicity stunt, but I wonder how much teasing the little girl has endured from her friends.

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