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Published:March 28th, 2015 10:16 EST

Indonesian Cops Get Residents High with Marijuana Bonfire

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Indonesian police sparked up a three-tonne pile of marijuana - and accidentally got the residents of West Jakarta high in the process.


The police had anticipated the powerful plumes and protected themselves with gas masks before setting fire to the pile of drugs,  but did not think to warn people that the potent smoke was about to descend on them."

The Independent

You expect to see the tragic spectacle of police setting fire to tons of weed in the world`s most populous Muslim-majority nation, but unfortunately scenes like this are also common in America, the world`s greatest democracy.

The hapless cops protected themselves with gas masks before setting fire to the tons of marijuana, but they failed to warn nearby residents.

Had the authorities warned people that they were about to set fire to a mountain of weed, it might have attracted crowds hoping to get high and forget that they live in a Muslim country where fun is outlawed.

Several high level officials from the West Jakarta municipality were present when the giant stash of weed was set on fire; I bet they weren`t wearing masks.

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