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Published:March 29th, 2015 12:10 EST
Shooting Turns Spring Break House Party in Panama City Beach, Fl into a Nightmare!

Shooting Turns Spring Break House Party in Panama City Beach, Fl into a Nightmare!

By John G. Kays

The Spring Break house party, multiple-shooting in Panama City Beach, Florida, as Friday turned into Saturday, is shocking, and sends a sharp signal of alarm to all of us! One moment young people are dancing up a storm, having a ball, then the next pandemonium breaks out, as a rapid flurry of gunshots spray the revelers with ammunition from a .40 caliber. 

Did the shooter, David Jamichael Daniels, 22, target specific people at the wingding, or was he simply firing his gun randomly? This gets inside the issue of motive; nothing touching on motive has emerged from the investigation, so far (it`s only been 30 hours since the insane incident). Rest assured, there is a reason Daniels did this; it may not be a good reason, or a rational reason, but something set him off. 

One item is more than clear to me, however: why would he bring a loaded gun to an innocent enough Bacchanalian celebration, if he hadn`t already anticipated using it? That`s my theory, Daniels planned ahead of time on spraying these festivities with bullets! 

Take it or leave it, that`s just what I think; an extension to this theory, is that the suspect was angry or jealous with one particular individual attending this party; I suspect it was probably a girl, most of which were there from Alabama (as the suspect was, along with two buddies of his).

If you just glance at photos of the party house you may get a different impression; I think of serenity, escape, and peacefulness when looking at this building, landscaped with palm trees; in reality, this location, 5312 Thomas Drive, is the location where 7 people were shot, each many times over, I might add (why am I getting the impression the victims were all young women?). 

Something`s wrong here; placidity and violence are polar opposites! Panama City Beach is getting a bad reputation now, with so many young people coming here just to get wasted, and now this outburst of violence! In my day, it was Padre Island as the disastrous Spring Break Grotto from Hell.

I can`t help but remember when (`82 or `83?) that UT college kid was abducted and murdered by a Satanist Drug Cult down in Matamoros. Not that this new one has anything to do with that horrible incident, but I remember thinking back then, I hope Spring Break is done away with once and for all! 

Now that strong feeling returns in sharper waves of conviction! Once we learn more about what was on David Daniels mind, or what was bothering him at the time he came unhinged, then perhaps the nagging Issue of Spring Break, can be put to the side. Nonetheless, the issue as prominent may get magnified all the more, you never know! 

BE WARY, It could be a set-up; DD purposely used the seasonal ritual as a staging locale for planned mass murder *(I` dare not try to discount this take on the harrowing situation at the time of this writing).