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Published:March 30th, 2015 15:13 EST

Weatherman Steve Frasier Has Epic Wardrobe Malfunction Live : Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Do you ever just feel like something is off with your outfit?

Weatherman Steve Frasier was getting ready to deliver a live update on Minnesota`s KMSP when he realized he missed a step getting dressed for the day.


`The chill is letting up, but the chill is not completely gone...Do you know what, I`m sorry....I thought it was just a tight button, but never mind. Now, can we just go to the weather and get it over with?`"


I`ve forgotten to rip off a price tag before wearing a new shirt, but I`ve never put on a suit jacket with the hangar still attached to it.

This hapless weatherman`s wardrobe malfunction happened live, and his colleagues lost their composure and broke down in laughter.

At least Frasier`s wardrobe malfunction was of the G-rated variety, and he`s in no danger of losing his job.

In the pre-Internet age a local weatherman`s mishap would have been news only in his city, but Frasier`s wardrobe malfunction has gone viral and people all over the world are chucking at his expense.

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