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Published:March 31st, 2015 12:25 EST
After Watching 'Going Clear' on HBO, I`m Glad I`ve Managed to Always Dodge Scientology!

After Watching 'Going Clear' on HBO, I`m Glad I`ve Managed to Always Dodge Scientology!

By John G. Kays

Other than an occasional, eye-opening story in the news, I`ve pretty much been able to dodge Scientology throughout my life; that changed last night when I watched Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief on HBO (a documentary film done by Alex Gibney). 

Scientology gets skinned alive and gutted in this thorough treatment, probably not so much because Gibney is prejudiced, but rather because this is how the cards fell when he looked at the history of this quasi-religion. I`ve known very little about it, so I viewed it more as a way to get familiar with the narrative, knowing I probably won`t bother with revisiting this chilling collection of information in the future. 

Yea, it scared me enough to realize I`ve been right all along to avoid  Scientology like the plague. I`ve felt this way about any type of organized religion, my whole life; as such, it just reenforces my belief that it`s better to be be free of these systems of belief. 

Spirituality is okay, but that`s about as far as I want to take it. A second viewing this morning, that included taking notes, and getting down to brass tacts, attempting to get most of the cast characters straight (not just L. Ron Hubbard, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise), results in a big payoff! Now I see what really happened (since 1950 when Dianetics was published), making me most glad I`ve had good enough sense to remain on the sidelines.

No wonder L. Ron Hubbard avoided psychologists, he was stark raving mad! As for myself, as of late, I`ve been studying up on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis once again; as I watched Going Clear, I began to make parallels.  

Okay, it`s easy to go here; think of the Gestapo getting private information on people they could use against them later, claiming they were traitors to the State. Internal Scientology administrators were doing one and the same! And David Miscavage reminds me more of Jim Jones or David Karesh, than he does Hubbard.

  1. Ron reminds me more of Timothy Leary or Aldous Huxley, than he does a famous founder of a religion, such as Martin Luther. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Aleister Crowley, who we clearly associate more with the Dark Arts. 

Some bells were going off in my head when it comes to the Tom Cruise part, where he becomes estranged from Nicole Kidman, because of Miscavage`s secretive condemnation of Nicole, as well as his manipulation of Cruise. Yea, this is scary stuff; I realize now, Stanley Kubrick inserted some of this paranoia in his last film, Eyes Wide Shut

It`s as if, Cruise and Kidmen were playing themselves; the Cult Party attended by Tom, was like an unpleasant experience that needs to get purged in an OT session! Cruise himself knows too much about the internal workings of the Scientology Apparatus, and this should be thought of as a dangerous thing (I suspect Kubrick was aware of this, so he inserts it into the screenplay).