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Published:March 31st, 2015 13:44 EST

Onions Engineered to Avoid Bad Breath, Tears

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Japanese firm announced it has developed tear-free onions that are low in the enzymes responsible for causing watery eyes in onion-cutting cooks.


House Foods Group -- which won the tongue-in cheek Ig Nobel Prize in 2013 for identifying the process that causes eyes to water when onions are sliced -- announced it has developed onions that are extremely low in the enzymes that cause tears.

The company said its new onions differ further from the onions of yesteryear by leaving a person`s hands and breath stench-free after handling and eating the vegetables."


I always add a lot of onions to my hamburgers, chili, hot dogs and most other meals, but I later regret it, when my bad breath offends my friends and family.

A stench-free onion is one of the greatest culinary inventions of all time, it`s right up there with sliced bread and pizza.

I don`t care if this new onion is genetically modified or spliced with DNA from a rat, I can`t wait until it`s available in my grocery store.

This invention truly deserves the Nobel Prize.

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