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Published:April 4th, 2015 09:52 EST

Texas Trooper in Trouble for Posing with Snoop Dogg

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper has been reprimanded after posing for a photo with rapper Snoop Dogg.


According to the Dallas Morning News, Trooper Billy Spears has been ordered to undergo counseling after the star posted a picture of him with the uniformed Spears at the South by Southwest festival in March in Austin.

The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, posted the picture on Instagram with the caption: Me n my deputy dogg. "

Fox 40

The hapless deputy was working security at the festival when Snoop`s publicist snapped the photograph of the unlikely pair.

Snoop has been convicted on drug charges, and thus all the hullaballoo over the innocent image. Let`s keep things in perspective, it`s not like the trooper posed with a disreputable character like a politician or a televangelist.

Only somebody who has his head stuck up his a** would conclude that Spears posing with Snoop Dogg means that he endorses the recreational use of controlled substances.

It`s the cop`s supervisors who are in desperate need of therapy, they need to untwist their panties, roll a joint, put their hands up in the air like they just don`t care, and play some Snoop Dogg music.

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