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Published:April 5th, 2015 09:45 EST

Fat Albert Urges Bill Cosby to Come Clean

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Even Fat Albert wants Bill Cosby to come clean.

At least according to street artist FLOOD, who has been publicly urging the comedian to respond to the dozens of allegations of sexual assault lodged against him."


Huffington Post

FLOOD is a street artist with amazing talent, a moral conscience and the resolute courage to take on a wealthy and powerful celebrity.

FLOOD has been using Cosby`s characters to denounce him, from Fat Albert to Mushmouth. I`ve yet to hear a priest, pastor, imam, or rabbi urge Cosby to come clean. But these cartoon characters speaking with the authority, clarity and gravitas of Old Testament prophets are imploring the disgraced comic to come forward and address the allegations.

As a blogger I refuse to remain silent, and I will join the chorus of cartoon characters urging the alleged serial rapist to confess and make financial restitution to his victims.

The fact that Cosby is free to make jokes out of rape while his dozens of victims seethe in frustration and anger is evidence that our criminal justice system has failed, but we must demonstrate that as a society we don`t tolerate rape, and that we sympathize with the victims.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Repent you bastard!

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