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Published:April 5th, 2015 10:40 EST

Pregnant Dog Shot and Abandoned on the Side of the Road Rescued and Adopted by Good Samaritan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An eastern Idaho woman discovered a brown and white border collie that had been shot and abandoned by the side of the road.


Beth Stenberg had noticed the female dog frolicking alone along Interstate 15 between the towns of Fort Hall and Blackfoot several times, but, this time, the dog was lying sprawled and wounded in the grass, according to the publication.

The mom, who had been driving alone, called the Idaho State Police for help, and two highway troopers arrived to help her haul the injured doggie to her car, where she drove it to the nearby Bannock Animal Medical Center in her hometown of Pocatello."

New York Daily News

If you see a wounded man by the side of the road, you may be too wary of an ambush to stop and render aid, but you would at least call 911.

Our instincts to be a Good Samaritan must also extend to the animal world, a couple of times I`ve witnessed a wounded deer, and I called the authorities so that if the animal couldn`t be saved, at least it could be put out of its misery.

Thank goodness Stenberg not only called the cops when she noticed the wounded dog sprawled out in the grass, but she went the extra mile and drove the poor thing to an animal hospital, and adopted it.

The dog, named Sis, has fully recovered from her injuries, and she gave birth to five female puppies and four male offspring.

There are healthy puppies available for adoption at your local animal shelter.

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