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Published:April 6th, 2015 10:19 EST

Cops Seize Easter Bunny Containing $30,000 Worth of Meth: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Tahlequah police said that a package intercepted in Tulsa County contained an Easter Bunny stuffed with $30,000 worth of meth.

A hole was cut into the bottom of the rabbit and police found quite the surprise waiting inside.
`There were two condoms and meth stuffed inside the rabbit.`"


Fox 23

To turn an Easter Bunny, an iconic creature beloved by children, into a drug mule is an unforgiveable sin.

If some of the meth had managed to seep into the Easter Bunny, he would have been like the Energizer Bunny or crack, or meth.

Police arrested Carolyn Ross; they got a tip that the meth-filled rabbit was going to be delivered to her home. My guess is that Ross is missing most of her teeth, and it`s not from eating Easter candy.

Hopefully Ross will be spending Easter and the rest of the year behind bars.  

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