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Published:April 6th, 2015 10:51 EST

Is Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Is this cat going up or down these stairs?  asks the new viral Facebook photo. The answer to the question is being debated all over the internet, but some say the steps make it obvious while others say nowhere may be the correct answer."



Since time immemorial great minds have pondered:  Which came first the chicken or the egg? Since there is no definitive or satisfactory answer, they soon graduated to the next mystery:  Why did the chicken cross the road?

In the Internet age we are still pondering the mysteries of the universe, recently we were all asking:  What color is this dress? Some were convinced it was blue and black, and others swore it was white and gold.

Cats are mysterious creatures, and we don`t know what motivates them or why they do inexplicable things like climb curtains, torment the dog, or poop outside the litter box.

A feline is at the center of the latest Internet mystery, is this kitty cat going up or down these stairs? I don`t know, and I don`t give a rat`s a**, I only know he`s up to no good.

Pic of cat going up the stairs, or is that going down the stairs:

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