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Published:April 9th, 2015 09:22 EST

Fat Comic Amy Schumer Won't Crack Any Bruce Jenner Jokes at MTV Movie Awards

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Amy Schumer hosts the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, the comic isn`t planning on roasting her fellow celebrities, she`s just going to lightly trash everyone, including herself. But there`s one public figure she won`t be going after: Bruce Jenner."



A politically correct approach to comedy should be anathema to a comic, he (all great comics are male) shouldn`t be afraid to skewer any individual.

Bruce Jenner shouldn`t be off limits simply because he`s transitioning from male to female, he`s a big boy (big girl?), and he can handle any joke at his expense. After all he`s the patriarch (matriarch?) of the most despised celebrity family in the world, and I`m sure he`s heard a gazillion and one Kardashian/Jenner jokes.

As the patriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner clan Bruce Jenner comes across as a befuddled and confused mess who is unable to make sense out of the insanity his reality TV family craves.

Jenner was tailor-made for comics to mock and ridicule, God damn the pudgy and insipid Schumer for pandering to the transgender community, instead of going for the laughs as should be her wont as a comic.

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