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Published:April 12th, 2015 10:38 EST

Hillary Clinton's Office Responds to UFO Question

By Robert Paul Reyes

"News magazine Mother Jones asked for Hilary Clinton`s stance on UFO disclosure to include in a story about why UFO activists are excited about her possible presidency. Her office seemed reticent to respond with anything substantive, but they did respond, and, among other things, their statement claims: The Truth is Out There."


Open Minds

Hillary hasn`t exactly experienced a smooth launch to her presidential campaign, every day she`s peppered with questions about Benghazi, email scandal and her mischievous husband.

You`d think the Hillary campaign would be delighted to field a softball question about UFO`s, but her staff is incapable of providing a straight answer.

Instead of answering the question "If elected will your administration disclose the truth about UFO`s?" forthrightly, Hillary`s office responded cryptically: The Truth is Out There.

The truth may be out there in a galaxy far away, but it sure as hell doesn`t reside in the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters.

Transparency and disclosure are foreign concepts to Hillary, and UFO enthusiasts will be bitterly disappointed if they are counting on her to disclose everything the government knows about UFOs. If a flying saucer landed in the Rose Garden, and Bill Clinton had carnal relations with a blue alien in the Lincoln Bedroom, Hillary wouldn`t say a word.

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