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Published:April 12th, 2015 11:15 EST

Viral Video: Cat Says 'NO' to Bath Time

By Robert Paul Reyes

There are a hundred and one disgusting and horrifying things I would tackle instead of bathing my cat:

*Take a selfie with a bikini-clad Oprah


*Give Rosie O`Donnell a pedicure

*Pick lice out of Oprah`s hair

*Give Oprah Winfrey a full-body massage

*Clean my toilet right after Rosie and Oprah have taken a dump in it

*Have a threesome with Rosie and Oprah

*Give Rosie a sponge bath

You get the picture: I really dislike Rosie and Oprah, and I really hate giving my cat a bath.

I tried giving the first cat I owned, a bath and I emerged from the experience scratched all over my body and determined never again to give a cat a bath.

Cats hate water, and they aren`t shy about letting you know this fact. Witness Tigger the kitty as he yells NO! " when his owner tries to bathe him.

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