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Published:April 13th, 2015 11:35 EST

Anti-Hillary Clinton Street Posters Hit Brooklyn! NYC Hates Hillary!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Anti-Hillary Clinton street art emerged in Brooklyn just hours before Clinton`s presidential candidacy announcement on Sunday.


The signs feature portraits of Clinton with phrases including `Don`t Say Secretive`, `Don`t Say Entitled` and `Don`t Say Ambitious`.

The street art appears to be a dig at a group of Clinton supporters who said it would be on the look out for evidence of sexism in reporting about the Democratic politician, according to the Weekly Standard. "

Daily Mail

Hillary Clinton opened her national campaign headquarters in Brooklyn -- a desperate and cynical attempt to identify with everyday Americans.

But regular Americans can`t stand Hillary; she`s the embodiment of wealth, class and privilege, and a Brooklyn street artist welcomed Hillary with some anti-Hillary posters.

The posters feature portraits of Hillary with phrase like "Don`t say Entitled ", they appear to be a dig at Hillary fanatics who criticize the media for referring to her by her first name only.

I don`t care what people call the witch (how`s that for treating Hillary with respect?), as long as they don`t vote for the elitist hypocrite.  

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