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Published:April 13th, 2015 11:13 EST

Viral Video: Elvis the Bulldog Puppy Reads Mom the Riot Act

By Robert Paul Reyes

Are you considering cancelling your Internet service? Are you sick and tired of Kim Kardashian selfies, blurry videos of UFO`s, pics of "accidental"  Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunctions, false reports of the death of celebrities, videos chronicling the inhumanity and depravity of ISIS, updates on Bruce Jenner`s transformation from male to female, porn videos that "mysteriously"  and "inexplicably" keep popping up?


Hold on my friend, you don`t need to disconnect your Internet. What you need is an overload of cuteness, watch as mama Bulldog gently nudges her puppy to walk, only to have her tender ministrations rebuffed by her bull-doggish puppy.

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