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Published:April 17th, 2015 10:48 EST

Dinosaurs on Display at Clinton Presidential Center! Not Wax Figures of Bill and Hillary!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Although life-sized roaring, breathing dinosaurs may not typically be found at a Presidential Center, visitors to the Clinton Presidential Center will soon find not just one but thirteen of the prehistoric creatures as part of Dinosaurs around the World, which runs from April 25 to October 18 at the Center`s location in Little Rock, Arkansas."


Weekly Standard

The William Clinton Presidential Center is the presidential library of Slick Willy; it includes the Clinton Presidential Library, the offices of the Clinton Foundation, and the University Of Arkansas Clinton School Of Public Service.

Politics is an unholy amalgamation of policy, public service and money, it`s appropriate that the Clinton Presidential Center includes his library which focuses on his policy, his foundation which focuses on fundraising, and the Clinton School of Public Service which ostensibly focuses on public service.

It`s also appropriate that the Clinton Presidential Center is currently featuring a dinosaur exhibit, and no I`m not talking about wax representations of Bill Clinton 69, and Hillary Clinton, 68.

Dinosaurs will be on display at the Clinton Presidential Center, you have to find a way to lure visitors to the presidential library of one of the most corrupt presidents in our history.

The Clintons belong in a wax museum; it`s a crying shame that this ungodly couple may soon be the co-presidents of the United States.

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