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Published:April 17th, 2015 11:07 EST

Woman Removed From Flight After Stabbing Snoring Passenger! You Go Girl!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A plane departing from Chicago`s Midway Airport Thursday was forced to return to the gate after an altercation between to passengers.


As the plane was taxing on the runway, passengers say a woman jabbed a pen into the arm of the man next to either stop him from snoring or to move his hand that was touching her arm.

Initial reports via Twitter from a fellow passenger referred to the incident as the woman  `stabbing` the man in the arm with a pen."


We put up with the snoring of a spouse, but nobody should be expected to tolerate a snoring passenger on a crowded plane.

Not only was Lenny Mordarski loudly snoring, but he was invading the personal space of the female passenger. The woman was poking him with a pen in an attempt to get his hand away from her arm.

According to other passengers the woman wasn`t poking him, but stabbing the snoring passenger with her pen. Whatever, the snoring bastard should be grateful she didn`t stab him in the eye.

Police officers escorted the woman off the plane, and Lenny said he doesn`t plan on filing charges.

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