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Published:April 18th, 2015 10:57 EST

Coffee-loving Parrot Distracts Driver Before Crash

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Angel Holyfield, 35, of Uniontown, was driving on Township Drive in South Union Township when she says she looked down at her parrot, which was inside the vehicle.


According to Holyfield, her parrot, which likes to drink coffee, was pecking at the lid of the coffee cup and distracted her. She then drove her car off the road and into a guard rail."


Only a bird brain would drive with her pet parrot free to fly around inside her car.

A parrot inside a car can cause an accident in a number of ways:

*He can cry out " Watch Out" just for the hell of it

*He can poop on the driver`s head

*He can scream an obscenity resulting in a road rage fatality

*Or he can distract the driver by pecking at the lid of a coffee cup.

Bird feathers were scattered throughout the wrecked vehicle, but the parrot survived to drink another cup of coffee. The driver wasn`t so fortunate; she suffered a broken arm and facial lacerations.

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