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Published:April 20th, 2015 09:34 EST

Bill Clinton: I'm Proud of Hillary

By Robert Paul Reyes

Former President Bill Clinton offered his first comment Sunday on his wife Hillary`s presidential bid exclaiming: I`m proud of her!

Bill Clinton may be a lot of things: An impeached president, a philanderer, a man accused of rape, BFF with a convicted pedophile, but he`s a natural politician who loves pressing the flesh, kissing babies and talking.


Bill is handsomely compensated for delivering speeches, but if the lucrative invitations to speak dried up tomorrow, he would speak for free at a Rotary Club meeting in any small town.

This is the first time Slick Willy has referenced his wife`s second run for the White House since she declared her candidacy a week ago.

It`s understandable that Hillary is forcing her no-good husband to keep a low profile, she has enough baggage of her own, and she doesn`t need his drama.

But Bill is too gregarious to stay in the background for long, and soon he will be uttering soliloquies about Hillary.

Bill Clinton, I`m proud of you for having kept quiet about Hillary for an entire week, but America isn`t proud of you or your wife, in fact we are sick and tired of you!

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