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Published:April 23rd, 2015 16:08 EST

Dude Sees UFO Hovering Over His House Every Night

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Joseph Guzman said he sees the light in the sky every night above the Rosedale area.

Guzman started shooting video of the object.
`If it`s aliens, great,` said Guzman. "Come on down. Let`s have a cup of coffee.`"



I admit there`s nothing to do in Bakersfield but look up at the night sky and let your imagination wander.

But if you see a UFO hovering over your house every night, you need to contact a shrink or the US Air Force.

Guzman sends out an invitation to the extraterrestrials to join him for a cup of coffee. I have a feeling it ain`t coffee that Guzman is drinking, and it ain`t tobacco that he`s smoking.


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