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Published:April 24th, 2015 11:03 EST

Baskin Robbins Emloyee Punches Armed Robber: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Washington state Baskin Robbins worker didn`t want to see a robber get away with the store`s money, so she punched him repeatedly in the head.


Surveillance footage from the Baskin Robbins store in Lynnwood shows a man in a baseball cap and sunglasses come into the store, display a gun and demand money from the cash register.

The employee, Rachael Bishop, 19, refused the man`s demands, so he reached across the counter and tried to grab the money himself. That`s when Bishop punched the man repeatedly in the head."


If I worked at a Baskin Robbins making minimum wage, and an armed robber demanded all the money in my register, not only would I empty the register, but I would fix him a double scoop ice cream cone with sprinkles on top.

I figure my life is worth more than my dead-end job and the owner`s money, and I hope nobody follow`s Bishop`s foolhardy example.

However I respect and admire the young teen`s courage, not only did she punch a robber brandishing a gun, but she chased him out of the store and through the parking lot.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending, Bishop wasn`t seriously injured in the scuffle, and the bad guy was apprehended by the police.

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