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Published:April 24th, 2015 13:17 EST

Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Rape

By Robert Paul Reyes

"At a press conference called by Gloria Allred on Thursday, three more women added their names to the long list of Bill Cosby accusers, which now numbers more than 40. All three told stories of Cosby drugging and then sexually assaulting them."



The latest victims to come forward are Janice Baker-Kinney a former casino employee, Marcella Tate a former model, and Autumn Burns, also a former model.

Like almost all of Cosby`s myriad victims, this latest trio were young, naïve white women who were trying to make it in show business.

Allred said the new accusers were coming forward in the hopes that Cosby would finally take responsibility for his conduct towards women.

Unfortunately, Bill Cosby has a seared conscience and he continues to perform on his "Far From Finished" concert tour. The disgraced comic hopes that the allegations of sexual assault will only serve as publicity for his comedy tour.

Cosby is a monster, and he will never take responsibly for raping dozens of women. He`s a lost cause; therefore my focus is on the people who are attending his concerts. Please I beg you, stop enabling this serial rapist!

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