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Published:April 25th, 2015 09:20 EST

Meet George the Cat, the Newest Internet Star: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Grumpy cat is facing major competition in the cuteness department from local kitten named George.

The 8-month-old is a munchkin/exotic shorthair cat. George is now making the rounds on social media because he likes to stand up.


His owner, Andy Park, says George started standing up on his two legs when he was 6-weeks old."


Some Internet cats are famous because they have a genetic defect that lends them a unique appearance, but George the Cat`s claim to fame isn`t a perpetually grumpy appearance. He`s not transitioning from cat to dog, he`s a viral sensation because he has a penchant for standing up on his two legs.

Pet owners have a tendency to anthropomorphize their cats and dogs, but George the Cat standing up really does look like a human being.

I wish I could teach that trick to Tico, my 25-pound rescue cat, but he`s so fat that I should be grateful that he can still waddle to his bowl of food.

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