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Published:April 28th, 2015 11:27 EST

Pope Francis to Priests: No More Boring Sermons

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Sunday morning Pope Francis ordained 19 new priests, exhorting them to serve the flock rather than manage it, and to feed the people of God with heartfelt homilies rather than boring sermons.


`Let this be the nourishment of the People of God,` Francis said during the ceremony in Saint Peter`s Basilica, `that your sermons are not boring, that your homilies reach people`s hearts because they come from your heart, because what you say to them is what you carry in your heart.`"


Once again Pope Francis is spot on  ...

For a minister heresy is a venial sin compared to the mortal sin of boring his congregation. Woe be onto preachers who fleece their flocks, but the lake of fire awaits those who put the religious to sleep.

Ministers need to eschew high-faulting religious terminology and speak simple truths in simple terms that resonate in the hearts of the faithful.

Jesus Christ, who should be the role model for every cleric, spoke in the everyday language of the people, employing simple parables teaching great truths.

Bottom line: We don`t want a priest to impress us with his theological brilliance; we want him to keep it real with down-home homilies.

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