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Published:April 30th, 2015 11:58 EST

Viral Video: Three Bear Cubs Frolic on Pool Deck

By Robert Paul Reyes

"These three cute bears cubs playing on my pool deck. They broke through the lanai screen a few weeks before and began making themselves at home! Though they didn`t swim on this day you can see the dirt they tracked into the pool and also pulled out the light. Black bears are pretty timid animals under normal circumstances and once I stopped filming this, I clanged together some pots and they left the immediately. They didn`t show any interest in me and I wasn`t afraid of the bears."

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We all know how humid it gets in Florida, bears, not just humans; need a refuge from the merciless heat. These cute cubs made themselves at home on a pool deck, frolicking and drinking the water.

The homeowner didn`t panic; she claims that black bears are timid under normal circumstances. The bears seemed harmless enough, however if three alligators invaded her pool I`m sure she would have called the National Guard.

It`s getting pretty hot and humid in my neck of the woods; I wouldn`t mind sharing a pool with three bear cubs. (As long as Mama wasn`t around.)

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