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Published:May 2nd, 2015 09:31 EST

Man, 73, Punches Bear to Save His Dog: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Placer County man says he would confront a bear again after he fought one off with his fists that he says was trying to eat his Chihuahua.


The bear was trying to get past a low gate on the deck to Carl Moore`s house when he heard his dog screaming in fear.

The 73-year-old contractor raised his arms and charged the bear causing it to retreat up a ramp leading to the deck."


If a bear ventures on your property and your pooch starts whimpering, what do you do if you`re the 73-year-old homeowner?

*Get into a whimpering contest with your beloved dog.

*Feint, and pray that your Life Alert button works

*Call 911

Carl Moore may be a septuagenarian, but he happens to be an ex-marine, boxer, and a bouncer, and he doesn`t play that. The wiry old goat marched right up to the bear and punched him on the face, the reeling bear skedaddled the hell out of there.

There will be hell to pay for a man or beast who messes with a man`s dog.

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