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Published:May 3rd, 2015 10:18 EST

Selena Gomez Deserves to be Body Shamed: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Selena Gomez has hit back at an Instagram user who slammed her curvier appearance, saying she `could care less` what they think.


In a social media exchange that was later deleted, the starlet, 22, took the user to task for telling her to `stop eating junk food` and `work out.`

`IM IN (sic) the business and I could care less about what they or you said I should look like,` she wrote."

Daily Mail

I know it`s politically correct to automatically support any celebrity who`s body shamed, but as always let me take the contrarian view.

As an actress and a singer Selena Gomez is a public personality, and compliments as well as criticisms of her appearance comes with the territory.

Any celeb, especially one who bombards the public with images of her body on Instagram and other social media sites, should be prepared for any potential backlash.

Obviously Selena Gomes cares what the public thinks, or she wouldn`t have reacted in diva fashion to a little harmless criticism.  

My advice: Grow thicker skin sweetheart, or lose a lot of weight so you won`t look so thick.

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