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Published:May 5th, 2015 14:26 EST

Viral Video: Councilman's Mic Stays On During Bathroom Break

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Rachael Jonrowe, mayor pro tem for Georgetown, Texas, was speaking during a council meeting about deadly infectious diseases when everyone in the room could hear someone going to the bathroom.


It turns out a councilman forgot to turn off his microphone.

Shortly before Jonrowe begins speaking, the council member can be seen getting up and leaving the room."

CBS Houston

Who hasn`t forgotten to zip up his pants after using the toilet, or come out of the restroom with a sheet of toilet paper stuck to his shoe?

But this councilman suffered the Mother of all Bathroom Embarrassments, when he forgot to turn off his microphone before taking a dump.

As humiliating as his predicament was, it could have been worse. After a full meal I will shout in exultation, and sometimes break out in song after taking a huge crap. At least this hapless politician didn`t provide any commentary while doing his business.

Kudos to Jonrowe for keeping her composure, although she did break down in laugher when the councilman flushed the toilet.

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