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Published:May 7th, 2015 10:34 EST

Can't Believe Tom Brady Has the Balls To Deny Culpability in Deflategate Scandal

By Robert Paul Reyes

"One day after the Wells Report implicated Patriots quarterback for at least having knowledge of Patriots employees deflating footballs, the New York tabloids wasted no time hammering Brady and the Patriots. Both the New York Post and New York Daily News took Brady to task with their back pages, as controversy swirls around the Super Bowl MVP, who reportedly could be disciplined by the NFL. As you might expect, both papers went with balls references."



The New York Tabloids don`t know the meaning of subtlety or nuance; they are cognizant that their demographics don`t include the Upper East Side, the common folk who read their newspapers reside in the Bronx and Queens.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News should receive a Nobel Prize for their balls-out approach to headline writing.

The New York Post headline: NFL probe has Tom Brady BY THE BALLS!

The New York Daily News headline: BIG NOSE, SMALL BALLS

If it were up to the publishers of the New York tabloids Tom Brady would be suspended for life for tampering with his balls, let`s see if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has the cojones to mete out a stiff punishment.

I bet my family jewels that Goodell will wimp out and administer a slap on the wrist, instead of a good solid kick to Brady`s balls.

When I see pretty boy Tom Brady autographing a ball for a fan I feel like kicking him in the nuts, there should be no room in the NFL for a cheating bastard.

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