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Published:May 7th, 2015 16:26 EST

Viral Video: Koala Strays into Australian Hospital

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Security cameras at a hospital in Australia have captured footage of a koala entering its emergency department.


The koala was filmed sauntering into the waiting area of Hamilton Base Hospital in Victoria in the middle of the night."


In the land down under you are never far from wildlife, in the suburbs you are likely to encounter kangaroos engaged in a kickboxing death match, near a river a crocodile is lurking ready to take a bit out of you, and in the edges of the forests dingoes are just dying to snatch your baby.

Nature even invades the supposedly safe and sterile environment of a hospital, witness this koala bear casually strolling into the waiting room of a hospital.

Fortunately, their diet consists of eucalypt leaves, and I doubt that this cute koala bear is going to hurt any patient or visitor in the hospital. 


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