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Published:May 13th, 2015 16:48 EST

Country Rube Claims He Was Offered Prostitute by Oil Pipeline Company Rep

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A southeast Iowa landowner claims he was offered the services of a prostitute in exchange for allowing a crude oil pipeline to go through his property.


Hughie Tweedy of rural Montrose told reporters Monday that a regional representative of Dakota Access LLC on three separate occasions offered the sexual services of a woman if Tweedy would allow the pipeline to run through his property.

A Dakota Access representative said the company is looking into the allegations."


Dakota Access is trying to take advantage of this poor rube, they should have offered to buy property rights for a princely sum or offered him the sexual services of a dozen prostitutes for a year, in other words extend him the opportunity to lay down his own pipe.

Tweedy isn`t exactly a clueless hillbilly, he claims he recorded two face-to-face conversations with a representative from Dakota Access who offered him a $1,200 teenage prostitute in exchange for permission to run a pipeline through his land.

Dakota Access tried to screw Tweedy, but they messed with the wrong country gentleman.


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