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Published:May 14th, 2015 18:29 EST

Dude With No Arms Demonstrates Shaving With His Feet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Zealand man born without arms posted a YouTube video to answer a common question from friends: How does he shave with no hands?


Jase Smithyman of Auckland said he started his YouTube channel, dubbed Wingless, to post a series of videos answering questions from friends about how he performs everyday activities without the use of hands."


I can never manage to shave myself without nicking myself once or twice; I really appreciate Smithyman`s ability to shave using his feet.

In his video Smithyman shaves himself quickly and effortlessly, but you can rest assured it took him untold hours of practice to master his talent.

This dude is an inspiration to me, maybe with some practice and determination I can finally learn to use all Smartphone features.

Kudos to Smithyman, I`m looking forward to the next videos in his series.

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