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Published:May 14th, 2015 09:27 EST

Meet Merlin the Cat With the Loudest Purr in the World: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Most domestic cats purr at around 25 decibels but Merlin has hit a mog-nificent 100 - louder than a hair dryer, a hand drill or a lawnmower. The 12-year-old pet is so noisy owner Tracy Westwood struggles to hold telephone conversations or hear the TV. Mrs Westwood, 47, said: I often have people asking me what on earth is the noise in the background - it`s just Merlin the cat. Mrs Westwood, a tarot card reader from Torquay, Devon, took in Merlin when he was just a kitten from an animal rescue centre."


YouTube video description

After a long day at work I like to unwind and relax by sitting on the sofa watching TV with my cat, Tico, sitting on my lap. The most exciting game in the world can be on, or the most suspenseful movie, it doesn`t matter, after a few minutes of listening to my cat purr, I`m sleeping like a baby.

Mind you Tico is a big boy, he tips the scales at 25 pounds, but he purrs like a kitten. Merlin, on the other hand, sounds louder than a lawnmower when he`s purring. Merlin`s not going to lull anyone to sleep, but he can serve as a guard cat, and purr when an intruder breaks into his owner`s home.

Can Merlin parlay his thundering purr to overtake Grumpy Cat`s killer frown, and become King of the Internet?

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