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Published:May 14th, 2015 10:13 EST

Outrage: Evil Students Dance With Dead Cats in YouTube Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

PETA has obtained a disturbing video that was apparently filmed at Oklahoma City`s top-ranked Harding Charter Preparatory High School. The footage depicts heartless students wearing lab coats and playfully dancing with dead cats slated to be dissected in their biology class. The video of the choreographed display was posted on social media, and the students` teacher was even tagged in the post.

Students learn faster and better by using non-animal methods such as interactive software programs, and with these modern tools, they don`t learn to treat or think of animals as equipment to be used and discarded.

Please speak up for cats by urging Harding Charter Preparatory School to investigate the circumstances of this video and switch to non-animal teaching methods:


YouTube video description

This is one of the most sickening videos ever posted on YouTube, and everyone from the principal of Harding Charter Preparatory High School to the students must be held accountable for this despicable video.

Harding Principal Justin Hunt apologized, but he said the students in the video were not punished because several of them were no longer students at the school by the time the video was brought to his attention.

I urge the students who appeared in this video to come forward, publicly apologize, and make amends by volunteering for PETA for a year.

A civilized society will demonstrate zero tolerance for animal cruelty and disrespect for animals.

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