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Published:May 17th, 2015 10:29 EST

Photographer Captures '14-strong Fleet' of UFOs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A photographer has captured a `fleet` of UFOs on camera in the skies over Spain.

Mirror Online reader Karl Jennings, from Ireland, told us that he took the pictures in broad daylight at around 5pm on October 27, 2014, while in central Madrid.


He insists that the photographs have not been altered in any way and is convinced the bizarre objects are not birds or planes, but rather a `14-strong fleet` of unidentified, `baton-shaped crafts`."


Karl Jennings, a wanker from Ireland, snapped photographs of flying object in the skies, are they a flock of seagulls, airplanes flying in formation, or Chinese lanterns?

Probably, but let`s speculate that they`re a fleet of flying saucers from the planet Uranus, after all the British tabloid Mirror has newspapers to sell.

Jennings says the flying saucers didn`t have any wings or propellers, and he didn`t spot any smoke or contrails. Maybe so, but I bet there was a bong in the mix, with plenty of hazy smoke.

I`ve posted thousands of essays online since 1998 on diverse and sundry subjects, but if I`m remembered at all, I hope it`s for my articles debunking and ridiculing UFO true believers.

Photographs of the UFO`s:

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