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Published:May 17th, 2015 10:50 EST

UFO Spotted Over Australian Outback

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Alan Ferguson, who had a `feeling in his gut` the object was coming, said it is one of many he has snapped over his home.


He said the disk-shaped object he photographed on was the `real deal` and one of the best he has taken since he began seeing them in 2008.

Mr. Ferguson said he felt an urge to run outside his home in the Australian outbreak and take his camera just before 10am on Saturday."

Sunday Express

The outback is a vast, arid and remote area in the interior of Australia; the hardy souls who live there fortify themselves with liquor.

At 10am Ferguson was most likely already as drunk as a skunk when he spotted the flying saucers; I hope the extraterrestrials dropped Alcoholic Anonymous leaflets.

Ferguson had a feeling in his guts` the UFOs were coming, that feeling is called you want to vomit because you`ve had too much to drink.

Ferguson is called a  "serial spotter " by the Sunday Express, I can`t blame the dude what else is there to do in the Australian outback but drink and imagine you see flying saucers?

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