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Published:May 19th, 2015 12:38 EST

'Fire Challenge': Teens Set Themselves on Fire and Jump Into a Pool

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The London Fire Brigade is warning teens not to attempt a stupid and dangerous stunt called the fire challenge, which involves lighting oneself on fire.


The fire challenge trend, which has become popular on Facebook and YouTube, involves a person -- usually a teenager -- pouring flammable liquid on their body and then igniting themselves before jumping into a body of water."


You expect a fire department to issue safety tips like "don`t store old newspapers and magazines  near a source of heat" or "use flashlights instead of candles during a power outage. "

But it`s absolutely ludicrous for a fire department to warn teens not to set themselves on fire, as part of a stupid fire challenge trend. It should be self-evident and utterly unnecessary to warn teens not to partake in the fire challenge.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that it`s not a good idea to pour flammable liquid on your body and then ignite yourself before jumping into a pool.

This world is teeming with morons, and if we lose a few of them to the so-called fire challenge  that`s a good thing.

I couldn`t help but notice that most the guys featured in this video are black, aren`t violence and drug addiction already culling enough lives in the ghetto?

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