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Published:May 19th, 2015 13:01 EST

Swedish Man's Roar Scares Off Charging Bear: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swedish man out training his new hunting dog was caught on camera warding off a charging bear with a scream emulating a ferocious roar."



The bear made a beeline for the man, but when the man roared the huge creature took off running with his tail tucked between his hind legs.

That trick worked like a charm, but if I encountered a bear in the woods I would scream like a schoolgirl, and not to mention wet my drawers. The bear would interpret my wimpy behavior as a cue that dinner is ready.

Wildlife experts say that when a bear charges, the best defense is to lie down and play dead, but the bear would realize that my whimpering was a sign that I wasn`t really dead.

I`d better stay out of the freaking woods.

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