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Published:May 20th, 2015 16:00 EST

Outrage: Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders is Back: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Colonel Sanders is back, America! He`s back to make sure his Kentucky Fried Chicken® is still as delicious as it ever was. And he made this commercial about it.

Because, boy howdy, have things changed since the Colonel`s been gone! Nowadays, you`ve got your self-parking electronic automobiles. Your casual Fridays. Your computer phones and invisible cosmetic braces for adults. Your yoga pants, nanny cams, books on tape, mail-order remote-control submarines, unscented roll-on antiperspirants, leather ottomans with hideaway storage, texting, foam rollers, adjustable waistbands, night-vision goggles, scratch-resistant countertops, action-packed thrillers about the deadly nature of virtual reality, travel-size toothpastes and all kinds of lumbar support.

But the one thing that hasn`t changed is the Colonel`s Kentucky Fried Chicken®. It`s still finger lickin` good!™


YouTube video description

Saturday Night Live alum Darrelll Hammond can now be seen playing Kentucky Fried Chicken`s Colonel Sanders in commercials for the fast-food chain.

As least he`s not doing an info commercial for reverse mortgages or pimple medicine, although playing a dude who looks like a plantation owner isn`t exactly a wise career move.

There`s nothing more passé than greasy fried chicken, offensive corporate icons and minor Saturday Night players trying to cash in on their fame.

Let`s just say I have no intentions of buying Kentucky Fried Chicken anytime soon.

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