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Published:May 21st, 2015 09:50 EST

Viral Video: Chicago Cop Caught Catnapping

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A video of a Chicago police officer sleeping on the job has thousands of shares on Facebook   and now police say they`re looking into the matter.


A Facebook user uploaded the video to his page Friday, and by Tuesday afternoon it had more than 700,000 views."

DNA Info

This vigilant peace officer wasn`t taking a nap in a crime-free suburban neighborhood; he was slacking off in a high-crime area.

The Chicago Police Department, which did not identify the officer, said the matter is under investigation. This cop is an embarrassment to his profession, and he should be summarily fired.

We can accept cops congregating at a donut shop, or idling the time away at a speed trap, but sleeping on the job is beyond the pale.

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